Tngl provides access to the general public as well as the paid members through organizing workshops. Practical Workshops aim to provide real-life experiences to learners of the lessons they have learned. The workshops could be held by physical participation or virtual. Currently, Tngl has planned 2 types of workshops that are mentioned below.


Public Workshops


Tngl offers everyone, whether member or non-members, to communicate and learn from like-minded people through workshops. This will be open to anyone and everyone. There will be a specified topic to discuss in the workshops, the specified number of participants, and the workshop’s language will be specified beforehand. Tngl will prepare the workshop’s agenda and distribute the materials to furnish a precise purpose for it.


Private Workshops


This workshop is exclusively limited to corporate members only. This workshop will be beneficial to the organization members who wish to advance their learning which will give an edge for the advancement of their skills. The organization’s members will set the topic, the number of participants, the language, and Tngl will provide them with the workshop’s material and agenda for better understanding. An organization package will be offered by Tngl, which will have access to organize content for up-to 5 private workshops annually.


Creating Workshop


Tngl provides a space for members and organizations to hold their workshops exclusively for their purposes. It can be a public workshop or private workshops. They will decide the topic, the number of participants, and the language. Meanwhile, Tngl will provide the agenda and material for assisting in these workshops.


Workshop Calendar


Tngl will prepare a workshop calendar as per the requirements. The calendar will be prepared yearly. Each month will have a unique and customized workshop theme. This will help the members and non-members to have precision about the agenda of the workshop.