Tngl specializes in offering creative events to its members. The idea behind creating events is to come forward behind the screens, open up in front of everyone and reflect on who we really are. Tngl’s events are organized to do activities collectively and spread empowerment among its members.

Tngl has planned out 3 innovative events for its members for their self-exploration. These are:

Book Clubs

Books are important teachers for any individual. They teach us emotions, experience, empathy and enhance our leadership vocabulary. To inculcate the habit of reading, Tngl has planned to organize book clubs for its members every month. In this club, a book will be selected to have been read by every member of the club. On the completion of the book,  discussion groups will be set up. This will prompt the readers to understand the book’s concepts better and ignite more inspiration thought about leadership and life. Most importantly, it can also create better-personalized relations among the members.

The Leadership Week

Tngl will hold The Leadership Week once every year. For the company participation, Tngl as the host of the leadership week will provide the venue, logistics, guidelines, and platform to promote those companies who are willing to share and contribute to the leadership culture. The participation is based on sponsoring the event or building a business partnership with Tngl. For the individual participants, the Leadership Week event is specialized for people who wish to gain insights from renowned leaders in the leadership industry and share ideas with each other. Tngl will organize this specified week wholly for the purpose of connecting, collaborating, and contemplating with leaders. The renowned leaders will be invited to collaborate with Tngl, where they will share the industry’s overview and tips and provide insights for event participants to help them become the next generation leader. This event will be highly informative for those who wish to pursue their careers in leadership. Not limited to the interest of career-driven leaders, this event will be

helpful for anyone who wishes to stand out and create a unique identity in this competitive world.


Tngl will plan series of webinars for the subscribed members. Webinars are highly appreciated by the audience these days. It is one of the most efficient mediums to ask and share personal queries under the pandemic’s current situation. It most likely will be the trend in the future. Tngl’s webinar would help the members as it will give a platform to ask their queries, share their experiences, and become aware of the recent trends quickly. Due to the video-based model of webinars, it is likely to

develop personal relationships which would give confidence to the members to participate fearlessly and motivating.