Videos and Documentaries

Visuals content teaching format is leading the eLearning platform. It has been proven that a normal human being retains information more from visual content than written content. This prompted Tngl to create videos and documentaries to enhance the user-learning experience. Tngl offers its videos and documentaries services in the following ways:


Interviews & Documentaries


Tngl creates the persona for interviews in video format. For every interview, a renowned leader will be invited for an interview. A script will be prepared regarding the most frequently asked questions, and the detailed answers will be recorded into videos which will be split into different short episodes. This will create a series on a particular topic just like the youth prefer to see on Netflix.


Video Coaching


Tngl is planning a leadership coaching program which will be discussed in detail later on. The coaching will be video-oriented, helping the learners contemplate deeply about the concept and basics. The coaching videos will be based upon social values like leadership, empathy, togetherness, active listening, humanity, empowerment, etc. The basic motive for creating video lectures will be based on creating awareness among students, employees, organizations, parents, etc., for guiding them to become the better version of themselves. This video coaching will influence the viewers regarding social aspects of their life.