About Tngl

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What is Tngl?

Tngl is an online leadership learning, training, and practicing platform. Tngl is intended for everyone no matter the life situation or the position; It is for professionals, students, corporate teams, and any generation to impart visionary skill sets and proficient expertise. Tngl is a unique platform for creators who yearn to host their content. Tngl’s aim is to help people that need a change and to improve their skills in communication, teamwork, decision-making, problem-solving, empowerment, and empathy.


Gaining knowledge is a never-ending process. Tngl provides learning and leadership experience that adds value to people’s lives and boosts expertise.

Who is Tngl for?

Tngl is an International learning platform for those who crave learning leadership skills. Leadership skills are known as soft skills, including 6 core skills are Communication, Teamwork, Decision-Making, Problem-Solving, Empowerment, and Empathy. The advantages of having leadership skills can be reflected in different user segments.



For Professionals: Enhance the spectrum of knowledge to empower the capability to take more responsibilities to move further in the career, greater agility in response to fast-changing working conditions and heavy workload.


For Students: Develop the interpersonal skills that can benefit them in the future working life and broadening the social connections. Improve the communication skills that can help them raise the opportunities in job hunting or being an entrepreneur.


For Parents: Build up stronger trust between kids and the significant other, Create a positive influence for the kid to motivate and inspire them, establish the balance between love and strictness, improve the quality of the time with family.


In the future, Tngl is planning to expand the service to more user segments, such as:


For Corporate: Create a better working environment, improving team communications, as well as working efficiency, develop or advancing abilities in conflict management for dealing with complex situations.


For children: Increase the motivation for study, helping them discover their interest, making communication with parents better and more efficient.


In general, Tngl wishes to impart tips and tricks regarding a particular field or niche for everyone. Currently, Tngl offers its platform in three languages English, Arabic, and Finnish; more languages will be added organically during the platform’s


Why Tngl?

In today’s business market, challenges can arise at any time; an effective leader needs to be able to respond to those challenges with empathy, intelligence, strategy, and expertise. Business success requires agile leaders who can skillfully lead through change, drive performance, and cultivate a people-first culture of engagement and accountability. Nowadays, a leader in business is no longer just the top-level

manager, but any individual who is a part of this business world. Leadership is important, and it is the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal. However, on the other hand, the cost of poor leadership is also

significant, such as disengaged talent, high employee turnover, low productivity, bad decisions, unhappy colleagues and customers, etc.


The way how people manage a business comes from the way they live. Before being the leader of the business, people need to be the leader of themselves. Therefore, the cost of poor leadership in real life might be more unaffordable. These troubles are usually manifested as communication Issues, resistance to change, low motivation, rotten attitudes, and so on. Over time, it might brew conflicts between people and harm the relationships towards family, kids, and friends. If it is a student, it can affect their grade or even their whole career path.


Leadership is a lifestyle. Leadership skills are all about learning, practicing, and crucial for people in any aspect of their lives. This is the reason why Tngl is established.